Diagnostic Medical Thermography

Abnormal body temperature is a natural indicator of illness. Diagnostic Medical Thermography is a fast, passive, painless, non-contact and non-invasive alternative to conventional clinical thermometers for monitoring body temperature. Besides, Medical Thermography can also map body surface temperature remotely. Last five decades witnessed a steady increase in the utility of thermal imaging cameras to obtain correlations between the thermal physiology and skin temperature. Thermography has been successfully used in diagnosis of breast cancer, diabetes neuropathy and peripheral vascular disorders. It has also been used to detect problems associated with gynecology, kidney transplantation, dermatology, heart, neonatal physiology, fever screening and brain imaging. With the advent of modern infrared cameras, data acquisition and processing techniques, it is now possible to have real time high resolution thermographic images, which is likely to surge further research in this field. The present efforts are focused on automatic analysis of temperature distribution of regions of interest and their statistical analysis for detection of abnormalities.
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