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The Aware Life Season 10
Hello Friends and Family,

There's just a few more hours left for you to enjoy the Free Gifts, Special Offers and the incredible information that can be found in the Replays from Season 10 of The Aware Life.

Pick at least one that you have not heard, grab the Free Gift, listen to the Replay and pick up the Special Offer. We thank you for your support and have to let you know that we are closing the doors to this series tonight.  

The Aware Life Season 10 officially ends tonight at Midnight PST, January 15th, 2014.

You can select your favorite guests below or go to our encore page featuring all of our guests for you to choose from:
Dr Joe Dispenza talks about practical wisdom in a way that is so fresh, so new, and so inspiring that everyone who sees this will feel a healing just by watching.
Dawson Church asks us, "How would you like to end cravings with a karate chop? How about learning why you are obsessed by certain foods? And why is laughter the best medicine?"
Dr. Sara Gottfried tell us that, “There is an epidemic of hormonal imbalance but most people don’t know it!” Get to the bottom of this hiding giant once and for all!

David Wolfe gives us the truth about how to heal what ails us, using powerful superfoods! See what the reishi mushroom looks like, and how it works in our bodies to give us true and lasting health. He says that this is his biggest offer ever! 
Dr Bill Andrews aided in the discovery of the anti-aging enzyme in the body called Telomerase. Want to learn how to be healthier now, and live to be a 100 years old? Just watch this show!

Dr Fabrizio Mancini reveals to us The Self Healing Secrets we all need to know and use now. It's time that we take our future health and well being into our own hands.

Dr Robert Young asks are you feeling tired, sluggish, and have foggy thinking? Chances are your body is toxic and acidic and needs help restoring it’s alkalinity. Watch this Aware Show for the answer!

Mark Waldman shares his latest research findings fromneuroscientists around the world. This information is so powerful and practical that you need to watch this right now! 

John Gray, bestselling author of "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus", talked about his definition of success in relationships, finances, and ultimately with yourself. Watch this master storyteller and open your mind just by being present. 

Sonia Ricotti shared with us something that you need to see right now. Why? Because we all need to use the universal truths and teachings that Sonia shares with us.

Morry Zelcovitch shows us how his brainwave technology has transformed thousands of people's lives who suffer from emotional and mental conditions. Learn more effectively than you ever have!

Jim Kwik calls these times "The Age of Distraction". Jim is one of those rare individuals that shares his insights and teachings for the benefit of all of us.

Doreen Virtue answers how do I find my purpose? Doreen also talks about how to create “miraculous solutions” to problems you are facing right now. Join Doreen and her Angels today! 

Mary Morrissey's story contain three firsts for our Aware Show Family. Mary tells her personal story, how it transformed her and offers both of her powerful programs in one place!

Larry Crane asks do you believe in miracles? Larry gives us a first hand look at his life's work by giving me and others a live, on air healing! Watch, and heal!

Kenji Kumara guided us through several “activations” on becoming your ideal self. Watch this show and take a moment to be guided through the experience of who you really are!

Watch Panache Desai on his first ever Google Hangout!  We had online healings, great callers and an unbelievable amount of pure love on this interview.

Dr Dain Heer actually gives us a healing during this interview. Dain did a LOT of clearings and helped a lot of people. You need to watch this show to get your own clearing! 

We need to learn everything Donna Eden teaches, to share with our parents, our kids, each other and ourselves as Eden Energy Medicine IS the Future of Medicine.

Lee Holden reveals the ancient secret of Qi gong for modern day folk like you and me. By watching Lee you will quickly feel even better. Follow along and you will learn simple moves that give profound results.

Mashhur Anam took us through a healing guided meditation that resonated with so many people on the show that I want you to watch and learn what Mashhur taught us today.

Nick Ortner surprised me on how quickly he tuned right into me, and what follows next you have got to see (or hear) to believe! Tune in today to watch this incredible interview.
In Love and Gratitude,
Lisa Garr 


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